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Woodpecker - Pileated Woodpecker - Wooden Bookmark with Tassel

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Woodpecker - Pileated Woodpecker - Wooden Bookmark with Tassel

  • $1295

Product Details
  • Made in USA from sustainably harvested woods using only the finest hardwoods
  • Precise detail woodworking using unique wood grains to make each bookmark a one of a kind
  • Handpicked woods for a beautiful look and feel combined with an image of a woodpecker
  • Brillant non fading high quality ink colors of a Pileated woodpecker
  • The perfect gift for readers, gardeners and bird enthusiasts. A great bookmark for your nature loving friends.

Handmade from only the finest high grade hand selected sustainable hardwoods. This bookmark features beautiful natural grain walnut bordered along both sides by intricately accented inlays made from a variety of wood combinations. We then add our original Pileated woodpecker designs with a brilliant non-fading color ink to both sides of the bookmark. Each side shows a different image of the woodpecker. A black tassel is added to help keep your page marked.

NOTE: Walnut is too dark to personalize so that option is not available on this bookmark.  Laser engraved text doesn't show up well enough to be legible. 


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