Aries Zodiac Sign with Personality Traits Engraved Wood Bookmark - Made in USA

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Type below what you’d like us to laser engrave on the back. Please allow up to one week for delivery of personalized items.

  • Handmade in the USA from only the finest sustainably harvested woods.
  • Precisely detailed woodworking using unique wood grain to make each bookmark one of a kind.
  • Hand-selected hardwoods are chosen for a naturally beautiful look and feel. Complimentary toned wood variations are used along both sides to accent the design and fine craftsmanship.
  • High quality laser engraving of the Aries astrological zodiac sign from 16th-century medieval woodcut art. The bookmark also includes some of the positive personality traits associated with people born between March 20 - April 19. These dates vary by a day or two depending on leap year and who you ask.
  • The perfect gift for readers, scholars, students, and teachers. Easily fits inside a card or book.
  • Can be personalized

Handmade from the finest high grade hand-selected sustainable hardwoods. This bookmark features beautiful natural grain cherry in the center, bordered along both sides by intricately accented inlays made from a variety of wood combinations.

The laser engraving includes images of the Aries symbol and artwork with date range and positive personality characteristics. Aries is the first astrological sign in the Zodiac and is said to be ruled by the planet Mars. In Greek mythology, Aries represents the ram whose fleece was sought by Jason and the Argonauts. It is a sun sign and traits of those born under the sign include leadership and assertiveness.

The backside of the bookmark is blank to show the beautiful wood grain. A copper rope tassel is added as a finishing touch, and to help keep your book page well marked. This is the perfect bookmark for all readers!