Best Promotional Bookmarks for Your Business

Best Promotional Bookmarks for Your Business

You are already aware of the main function of printed bookmarks, which is to mark the pages of a book by readers. But do you know that printed bookmarks are also one of the most cost-effective promotional marketing products? Yes! Many marketers use bookmarks for advertising their brand and reaching larger audiences. One of the main reasons why bookmarks make a great promotional product is that they come in a variety of styles and offer limitless customization options. From a mountain bookmark, quote bookmarks, to art bookmarks, you will find plenty of options in the market. However, there are some features that every marketer desires when it comes to promotional bookmarks. Here we will discuss how to pick the best promotional bookmarks to promote your business.

Lightweight and Portable

Portability is the major factor associated with the functionality of a bookmark. Bookmarks should be lightweight, compact, and portable so that they are easier to carry and distribute. Heavy or large bookmarks are difficult to manage and also less functional. Users, especially readers, look for portable bookmarks so that they can carry their bookmarks along with their books when they are on the go! So, portability and size are crucial factors from the point of view of both marketer and user.

Best Quality Material

There are a variety of materials used to make bookmarks. They vary from paper, plastic, leather, wood to metal bookmarks. Usually, readers prefer handmade wooden bookmarks for their look, feel, and ease of use. However, you can select any material for your bookmark , but do not compromise with the quality. Having said that, try to avoid using plastic bookmarks, especially for promotional purposes. As you already know that plastics are dangerous for our environment, handing out plastic bookmarks to your audience can have a damaging effect on your reputation. It will show your brand in the wrong light, and people will assume that your brand is not environmentally conscious. Instead, go for eco-friendly options like wooden bookmarks, which make perfect handmade wood gifts for your target audience.

Unique & Customizable

Like you, there are many other companies that are using printed bookmarks as promotional items. However, if you want the product to stand out amongst the competitors, add something unique that separates it from others. You can make bookmarks unique when it allows you to customize them as per your need and preferences. One of the reasons bookmarks are the favorite promotional item of marketers is that they are easily customizable. It means you can customize bookmarks according to your marketing campaign to cater to your marketing needs. You can be creative and giveaway some fun bookmarks such as Japanese style bookmarks, music bookmarks, or winter bookmarks. Furthermore, you can also personalize bookmarks by getting your brand’s logo engraved on them. You can also display your product the way you want to!


So, these are some qualities that make bookmarks the best promotional items for marketers. Another best thing about them is that they are affordable and easily fit your budget. Thus, customized bookmarks make the best choice for small businesses and startups with restricted budgets. You can easily buy premium quality customized bookmarks from the website of Miter Craft, which provides different styles of bookmarks at a great price!