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500 bookmark designs and still growing!

Posted by Ron Flint on

Since about 2001 our crafty crew here has been coming up with many new bookmark designs each year.  Now we're excited that the new site is giving us a good place to organize and show them off.  Of course we also love that our other products have a new store shelf to hang out on too!  In case you don't know, we also make awesome greeting cards that hold our bookmarks, standard and architectural 12 inch wood rulers, coasters, cribbage boards and inlay banding for woodworkers and furniture makers.

Why so many designs?  

Like the vast diversity of books our bookmarks end up spending time in and like the vast diversity of the readers who enjoy those books, we felt a purpose - and that is to come up with something for every reader laser engraved or color and then to offer easy personalizing too. In our small way we feel that we're helping to inspire more readers to do more reading, and what could be wrong with that.  If you want, please have a look at what some of our many happy customers have been saying on our testimonial page.

Last year alone we came up with over 200 new designs on our bookmarks; inspiring and humorous quotes, fine art and photography, famous influential people and lot more in hopes of motivating more people to open more books and thus making our world a more interesting and better place. 

If anyone is curious about how one of our designs was created or where the design came from we're happy to share.  This also means that if anyone has a good idea for a new design we'd love to hear about it.  

We love that our new website came with this nifty way to share ideas and interact with our customers.  Like any reader, we're curious about things and want to hear what you might be curious about too.  And we'll happily recommend the perfect bookmark for your next book, just let us know the title and author.   

Happy Reading!



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