Surprise Assortment of Solid Inlay Design Wood Bookmarks - Select Quantity

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Type below what you’d like us to laser engrave on the back. Please allow up to one week for delivery of personalized items.

  • We'll select a nice mix from our freshest variations
  • Handmade in the USA from sustainably harvested woods, using only the finest hardwoods
  • Detail craftsmanship in each design. Unique curved patterns and wood grain.
  • Hand selected woods for a beautiful look and feel.
  • Each bookmark comes separately packaged with an information card.

The examples shown are not necessarily the ones you'll receive. We are always making new assortments and will always pick the nicest variety each time you order.

All of our bookmarks are handmade from only the finest high grade hand selected sustainable hardwoods. These bookmarks feature a variety of top quality natural grain woods.

Because the patterns are created and assembled from solid pieces of wood, they look the same on both sides. No stains or dyes are used. 

Each one makes a wonderful gift to be given alone, in a greeting card, or included with a book.