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Solid Laminated Inlay Pattern Wood Bookmark set 605

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Set of five inlaid wooden bookmarks with black gift pouches and optional suede tassels - 605

  • $5400

Product Details
  • Handmade in USA from sustainably harvested woods, using only the finest hardwoods
  • Detail craftsmanship in each design. Unique curved patterns and wood grain.
  • Hand selected woods for a beautiful look and feel.
  • Each bookmark comes separately packaged with information card.
  • Hardwoods include myrtlewood, sapele, walnut , cherry, purpleheart, padauk and maple. Wood grains will vary slightly from one bookmark to the next.

Handmade from only the finest high grade hand selected sustainable hardwoods. These bookmarks feature a variety of beautiful natural grain woods.  Because the patterns are created and assembled from solid woods they look the same on both sides. No stains or dyes are used. Each bookmarks comes with a green suede tassel to help keep the page in your book well marked. The bookmarks are individually packaged so you have 5 gifts each with their own information card. Makes a wonderful gift to be given alone, in a greeting card or included with a book. 5 gift pouches also included to make for a lovely presentation!

"Love these bookmarks!  They make exquisite collectibles!"

Neil Kalmanson