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Set of 5 - Musical Instruments - Wooden Bookmarks with Black Rope Tassel

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Set of 5 - Musical Instruments - Wooden Bookmarks with Black Rope Tassel

  • $4495

Product Details
  • Made in USA from sustainably harvested woods, using only the finest hardwoods.
  • Precise detail woodworking using unique wood grains to make each bookmark a one of a kind
  • High quality laser engraving. Engraved images of acoustic guitar, electric guitar, violin, mandolin, harmonica and banjo.
  • Hand picked woods for beautiful look and feel. This bookmark features cherry hardwood.
  • The perfect gift for musicians, jazz and folk band members. Each bookmark comes packaged individually.

Handmade from the finest high grade hand-selected sustainable hardwoods. This bookmark features beautiful natural grain cherry in the center, bordered along both sides by intricately accented inlays made from a variety of wood combinations. The laser engraved instrument or instruments are from our original bluegrass band designs on one side, the other side is blank showcasing the beautiful cherry wood grain. A black rope tassel is on each bookmark, to help keep your book page well marked. This is perfect bookmark for all readers, musicians and music lovers! 5 separate designs: electric guitar, acoustic guitar, mandolin, group (including violin and harmonica), banjo. Each bookmark comes individually packaged with a information card. The set can be given as a single gift or broken up into 5 gifts. Nicely compliments a card or book.

Craftsmanship and Stewardship Make the Difference

Nestled in a hundred-acre forest of lush, green ferns and towering fir and cedar trees, Mitercraft is a company truly inspired by its surroundings. Using only hand-selected, sustainably harvested wood, we celebrate its natural beauty by hand-making products that allow the glory to be showcased. Our passion leads us to design unique bookmarks, cribbage boards, coasters, rulers, greeting cards and more with pride that only comes from a handcrafted process.

We’re excited to be a part of the resurgence of makers and old-world craftsmanship. We’ve been handcrafting our bookmarks with the same multi-step work process since 1991. Technology may come and go, and it certainly helps enhance our products, but there is no substitute for good, old-fashioned woodworking that produces heirloom quality products.  Our complex production steps include precision cutting, laminating, shaping, sanding, polishing, finishing, laser engraving, drilling and tasseling. 

Our love and respect for the environment and the extraordinary surroundings in which we live guides our workplace practices. We take care to recycle left over pieces into other products, making each a unique work of art.  When a piece is ready to be shipped we hand prepare it, sealing it in a clear, protective sleeve with artist information. What arrives at your doorstep is a creative, handmade, thoughtfully crafted product from start to finish.

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