Inlay Design 05 Solid Wood Bookmark - Padouk (African rosewood) and maple with gift pouch and optional suede tassel

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Type below what you’d like us to laser engrave on the back. Please allow up to one week for delivery of personalized items.

  • Handmade in USA from sustainably harvested hand selected woods
  • Precision Craftsmanship
  • Unique geometric pattern made from our own 25 step process
  • Includes: padouk (African rosewood) and maple hardwoods

Another early Mitercraft design that involves making a 16 sided wheel of a repeating pattern, then cutting it down the middle to create this unique look.  An optional brown suede tassel is added to help keep the page in your book well marked and a free soft-touch black gift pouch is included to make this special bookmark's presentation a bit more classy.