Everett Ruess I Live Quote Hand Made Wood Bookmark with Tassel

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    • Made in USA from sustainably harvested woods
    • Precise detail woodworking using unique wood grains to make each bookmark a one of a kind
    • High quality printing of the popular "I Live" quote by Everett Ruess™. 2018 copyright All Rights Reserved.
    • Hand selected woods for beautiful look and feel this bookmark is made from maple and other fine hardwoods.

There’s nothing quite like holding a book in your hands and turning the pages. Whether it’s a cookbook, a map, an old classic novel, a new favorite mystery, or an instruction manual, we want you to enjoy what you’re reading. Our unique bookmarks are made to create a more intimate, personalized reading experience. We hope our creative selection inspires a continued love for the printed word.

Popular "I Live!" quote by Everett Ruess™ printed directly on solid maple wood with durable non fading ink - Mitercraft Wood Bookmarks Hand Made in America - Functional Art for Your Favorite Books 

Each of our wooden bookmarks is handcrafted from carefully selected, environmentally responsible wood that only comes from well managed forests. This bookmark features a popular quote licensed to Mitercraft by the family of Everett Ruess™. The printed quote fits nicely on one of our solid cherry wood center bookmarks framed by two inlays comprised of various domestic and exotic hardwoods. There's also a complimenting pair of solid wood borders along both outer edges. The inlay accent woods and border combinations will vary with each bookmark. A leather color suede tassel adds the finishing touch to the tone and design, plus it helps keep your book's pages well marked. The exceptional wood grain we select adds a great deal to the natural beauty of each bookmark and will truly make yours a one-of-a-kind. Take a moment to explore our wide variety of collectible bookmarks.
Everett Ruess was a young American artist, poet, and writer known for his solo explorations of the High Sierra, the California coast, and the deserts of the American Southwest during the early 1930s and his ultimate disappearance while traveling through a remote area of Utah. His fate remains a mystery to this day.
Our Everett Ruess bookmarks are the perfect partner to pair with any of the many books written about his life and accomplishments.
Quote reads: "Alone I shoulder the sky And hurl my defiance And shout the song of the conqueror To the four winds, earth, sea, sun, moon, and stars. I Live!" - Everett Ruess.

Craftsmanship and Stewardship Make the Difference

Nestled in a hundred-acre forest of lush, green ferns and towering fir and cedar trees, Mitercraft is a company truly inspired by its surroundings. Using only hand-selected, sustainably harvested wood, we celebrate its natural beauty by hand-making products that allow the glory to be showcased. Our passion leads us to design unique bookmarks, cribbage boards, coasters, rulers, greeting cards and more with pride that only comes from a handcrafted process.

We’re excited to be a part of the resurgence of makers and old-world craftsmanship. We’ve been handcrafting our bookmarks with the same multi-step work process since 1991. Technology may come and go, and it certainly helps enhance our products, but there is no substitute for good, old-fashioned woodworking that produces heirloom quality products.  Our complex production steps include precision cutting, laminating, shaping, sanding, polishing, finishing, laser engraving, drilling and tasseling. 

Our love and respect for the environment and the extraordinary surroundings in which we live guides our workplace practices. We take care to recycle left over pieces into other products, making each a unique work of art.  When a piece is ready to be shipped we hand prepare it, sealing it in a clear, protective sleeve with artist information. What arrives at your doorstep is a creative, handmade, thoughtfully crafted product from start to finish.

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